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Graphic Design

We offer a full suite of graphic design services to visually communicate your unique corporate identity and brand image in the most effective way possible for print or digital media. AMT’s experienced design professionals use the most advanced creative tools to develop marketing material, including content and custom artwork, for sales support and targeted promotions, as well as eye-catching logos. Conveying the look and feel of your brand are critical in reaching your audience and successfully differentiating you from your competitors.


Our team launches and manages comprehensive ecommerce solutions that leverage the best-in-class technologies and performance marketing techniques, to promote your brand to your target audience and increase sales. Your online presence will reach potential customers with responsive messaging optimized for tablet, mobile, and desktops. Our team can help you choose the best ecommerce platform to exponentially grow your ecommerce business.


SEO provides the integration of multiple strategies that increase the visibility of your website. By obtaining a high-ranking search engine placement for your website, the number of visitors can grow exponentially. Some of the creative and technical strategies that AMT may employ include: audit of your existing website, keywords, website content and design, structure and speed, knowing the major search engine requirements, linking to other websites, meta tag placement, and infographics

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves sharing your content on social media networks to effectively reach your target audience in real time. Over 1 billion people are actively using social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, You Tube and Pinterest. AMT will enable your business to publish ads within these networks and to connect to individuals who can share, comment, and like, for prolonged attention. Social networks allow us to target specific demographics including those with particular interests, affinity groups, age and gender categories, and geographic locations.

Web Design

Creating a successful website is the most critical element of a company’s digital marketing strategy and requires a clear understanding of the specific business’s objectives, branding and overall marketing plan, as well as expertise in graphics design, site navigation and search engine optimization. AMT’s web development team understands the importance of delivering an effective Internet presence, staying apprised of the latest trends and technologies to build engaging, customized websites that maximize results across all devices. Mobile-friendly capability is essential in today’s world, with over 50 percent of all mobile phone users accessing the Internet from their phones, and 15 percent of all Internet users exclusively using their mobile phones to search the web.

Content Marketing

AMT understands the power of creating targeted, relevant and persuasive online content to attract your audience, stimulate interest in those products and services, and share with others. We will make an assessment of your current content and distribution channels and provide a determination on what can be improved or removed. Using the right keywords, social media posts, videos and blogs, as well as a thorough knowledge of search engine ranking requirements, AMT’s writers and social media experts will develop an effective content marketing strategy to dramatically increase online traffic to your business.

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